The Cost of Freedom Foundation

What is “The Cost of Freedom?"  

The "Cost of Freedom" refers to the cumulative actions made by of all those who have given of themselves to establish and to defend the freedoms all Americans enjoy. Most evidently, this means the Veterans who have fought and all too often died throughout the history of our country so that the rest of us might live in peace.

What is our Mission?

Our Mission is to honor to all those who “more than self their country loved...”, and it is to them that our Foundation is dedicated.

How will we accomplish our Mission?

We will accomplish our Mission through a implementation of Mission Statement which is:

  1. To provide tangible support to Veterans and their families who are in need of financial assistance; and

  1. To collect, preserve, and disseminate the experiences of our Veterans; and

  2. To educate present and future generations about our Freedoms, how they were obtained, and how they are maintained.

Your comments and support are encouraged as our efforts cannot succeed without you.  We respectfully ask that if you are a Veteran or know one, please consider contacting us so we can add your/their experiences to our web site and make it even better.

You can reach us via email by clicking the button at left.  You may also copy the following address and paste it into the "To" window on your email.  NOTE: You must change the # symbol to @ before sending it.

(We did this to reduce spam which is a nuisance to us all, so thanks for our cooperation.)

Lastly, if you want to make a difference in the lives of a Veteran or their family, visit our "Give Back" page to see some options we think are worthy of your contributions.  If you do not find one that really grabs you, be sure to ask us as there are many opportunities for giving back and we can guide you to some of them.  Whatever you decide, be sure to contribute your time or your treasure.  The Veterans and their families have given both, sometimes all, and they really do deserve our support.


We must never forget that FREEDOM is not FREE!


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